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About Me


Image of Josie by Jana Allen

What fires me up?

People. And stories - I love peoples' stories - the real, the make believe, the joyful, sad or downright hilarious.

I’m passionate and creative and I love old stuff! My house is an eclectic mix of vintage books, old wooden furniture and strange, beautiful (and sometimes useful) objects.

I have books everywhere - in every room and free space, and invariably, in my hand too. I love to read, to learn, to grow. Books, for me, are a source of joy, inspiration, knowledge, emotion, and again, stories.

I thrive on being outdoors - from a brisk walk on the beach to wandering around the bush listening to trees and talking to rocks (yes, I am that crazy lady, and all the better for it!).

I have a great zeal for knowledge and enjoy learning new and interesting things. As well as being a photographer I'm a qualified doula (birth supporter), running antenatal classes and breastfeeding support. I've trained in Reiki, run writing workshops, Nature Connection sessions and am a Forest School Camps staff member. I run Women's Groups, Red Tents, Healing sessions and Menstruation Workshops.

I guess you could call me an eclectic eccentric!

I'm passionate about photography - getting to know people and photographing the essence of their real stories; the relationships and emotions. Encapsulating their real nature in beautiful, timeless images.

I'd love to meet you and learn your story too, so please get in touch!

- Josie
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