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Full Day In The Life Shoot

This was my first full Day In The Life photoshoot, and what a wonderful gallery of memorable moments I was able to photograph! 

The family I had originally booked in had had to pull out the day before and so I was scrambling around for another family to take their place.  Ria was keen and put her hand up, which was wonderful. I turned up in the early morning dark (although Chris had already gone to work) and was there to see the kids waking up. From then it was full-on documenting their glorious, busy family for 13 hours - what a busy day!

It was such a wonderful, exhausting, challenging and rewarding experience and I am utterly grateful to the Gibbons family for saying yes and giving it a go.

"Josie arrived at around 6.30am quietly sneaking onto our unswept porch and into our house just before it sprung into full-on morning routine madness. Josie was so warm with the children and was instantly welcomed by the kids with an array of their best and worst/normal (!) behaviour, exactly as we had hoped!

The excitement was peaking early, and there was a bit more energy in the house than on a normal day but everyone seemed to settle into it well. We got out the door on time (something I am always proud of!), and on our way to school/kindy drop off. Josie was able to perfectly capture these moments as I said my goodbyes to the children, followed by the few hours of one on one bonding time with baby Jules.

The rest of the day quickly evolved as Josie continued to

shadow us and much to my surprise I was barely aware of

her being there (a testimony to Josie's laid-back nature).

As the evening set in, the children got their second wind, perhaps caused by the full moon, but more likely they were feeling the pressure of the day (one in particular who shall remain nameless!). We had a meltdown, a reflection of the intensity of this project. It wasn't a normal bedtime routine, and Josie, being the true professional and a beautiful intuitive person, could read that perhaps with every click of the camera shutter the tension was elevated. She left the room momentarily to photograph elsewhere.

Although there were certainly some challenges, we can wholeheartedly say we have no regrets and would do it again. The outcome is that we have a beautiful collection of photos telling our story and as we move past this whirlwind phase of sleepless nights and messy floors we will have reminders of those sometimes forgotten moments which really shouldn't be forgotten.

Josie, thank you so much. You are a wonderful talent. It can't be easy to slot into a home to witness (and document) the usual highs and lows on any given day, but somehow you did it- don't ask me how! When I look through the photos each one brings a knowing smile to my face. Each one tells me a little story of our lives right now.

I would encourage any family to do this, you won't regret it!

With much love and appreciation,

Ria x"

"Josie, thank you so much. You are a wonderful talent."
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