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Documentary Family Storytelling

So, the other day was a normal day. I was cooking food, encouraging one flute playing child, helping another to write a letter and answering questions about life from the third.

I was cooking up a storm – fresh baked bread, gorgeous salad from the garden, hearty bean burgers and even home-made mayo for goodness sake. And I was making plans in my head, writing lists of jobs to be done, and putting together an empowerment group for local women. And all with love and a song on my lips.

Awesome right?

To be fair it's not always like this but all of a sudden I had this moment of clarity; of recognition at my utter awesomeness. Of all that it takes to be a parent. And I wished, just for a moment, that someone could be there to photograph me – to document this, so very ordinary moment, in my crazy, glorious life.

And then I wondered and Googled, and yes, as with any good idea, it's already a thing. And it's called 'Documentary Lifestyle Photography' or a 'Day in the Life - Family Photoshoot'. And it touched such a kernel of truth for me and I felt so much more excited about family photoshoots since I don't know when.

And so then and there I decided that this was the way to go.

Family photos as families are – a crazy, chaotic, incredible bundle of love and connection.

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