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Essence of Me PhotoSessions

Essence of Me PhotoSessions for Healers:

Accepting all that I am

And honouring all that I do;

Embracing my full power,

The strength and substance of me,

I stand before you.

I am vulnerable

And yet courage flows through me.

A knowing,

A flourishing truth:

This is who I am.


The Essence of Me.

Essence of Me photoshoots. A space for you to grow. A chance for your strength to shine through.

"Josie, you have a way about you ... encouraging our true essence and truth to shine through. You provide such a magical environment to explore who we truly are. Very quickly I became aware that this was my space to feel into and experience the medicine woman in me.

Giving ourselves permission to be who we truly are is such a gift - and you captured this essence on camera.

It can be truly life changing seeing ourselves as empowered as we feel on the inside.

It is time to shine!

Eternally in gratitude"

Jules xxx

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